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Can Children Communicate From Inside the Womb?

People often report feeling an inner knowing when they first meet a person who becomes important in their lives. Whether it’s a husband, wife, a business partner or a best friend, they intuitively sense that they will have a long-term bond with this person. Medical researcher Dawson Church, the award-winning author of Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child, (Elite Books, 2005, $14.95,, has talked to dozens of men and women who have had the same inner knowing about their children in the womb, long before birth.
Dawson had the same experience with his first child, Lionel, while the baby was in utero. Dawson was unlikely candidate for an extended bonding experience; he was a reluctant father trapped in a failing marriage, and a skeptic of most unexplained phenomena. Yet he felt a powerful bond growing with the unborn baby.

When researching the scientific literature on the subject, Dawson discovered that there were many studies documenting the increased well-being of children whose parents bonded with them in utero, and also well-established and long-understood energy medicine techniques that assist parents to tune into their babies. He began to understand that parents can discover a level of intuitive communication with the soul of the child long before birth. Once a parent stills his or her mind using meditation techniques, it is possible to receive intuitive messages from the baby. He details a comprehensive series of exercises that enable new dads and moms to connect with the baby in this way, and demystifies the approach with dozens of photographs and illustrations.

Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child is also an inspirational book. It considers the mission of the babies that are being born today, and their potential to bring great and positive changes to society. It talks about the soul-work that the human species collectively can undertake at this time: the healing of the entire planetary ecosystem and psychosphere of which it is a part. Published in 1988, the first edition of this book became an underground classic and quickly sold out. This new edition has been completely revised and expanded to take account of the breakthrough scientific evidence that has emerged in the last fifteen years of prenatal intelligence and fetal communication.